Discover Piemonte

At the foot of the Mountains

Piemonte translates into “at the foot of the mountains”. So full of beauty and authenticity that Unesco declared it World Heritage. No mass tourism here but true Italian life. Piemonte is covered with winding little roads crossing the quilted rural landscape. The views are amazing, wherever you go. Rising above all are the white peaks of the Alps.

Maybe skip busy Toscany for a change and enjoy this beautiful and tranquil region? No need to book restaurants months in advance, and yes, you can sit down at a bar for a coffee or an aperitivo. They are in no hurry to get your the bill. Italians understand the essence of life, enjoying it! Our region has many things to offer. Yours to discover.

Montegrosso d’Asti

Our village Montegrosso d’Asti is part of the Monferrato wine area, close to popular cities like Alba and Asti. The village has two parts, Montegrosso Alto (high) and Montegrosso Basso (low).

We are up in the hills close to Montegrosso Alto. This part of Montegrosso has a fortified castle, a small but beautiful dome church with bell tower, a village square with parking (and convenient electric car charging) and Ristorante Centrale. Wander the old streets, enjoy the views. Nothing but authenticity here.

Only 5 minutes from us is Montegrosso Basso, located down in the valley with bars, restaurants, take out pizza, the square (tuesdays is market), a farmacia, shops and supermarkets. Convenience close by.

Neighbouring villages

The region Piemonte is famous for slow food, wine, white truffle, hazelnut and hilltop villages & castles. For those looking for tiny excursions close by, here is a list of charming neighbouring villages.

Do cafè e dolci at a local bar and drink an aperitivo on a village terrace. Go for lunch or dinner where the Italians go, they know the best restaurants. Most of all, enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

City Trips


The historic city centre consists of beautiful buildings with many arcades, squares etc. Nice little shops for every-ones taste. There are nice restaurants and ice cream parlours of which ‘Mimmo’ is probably the best. In the second weekend of June there is the gastronomic festival “Monferrato in tavola”.


Situated between the hills covered with vineyards is a city of the senses, of smell and taste. It is the area of the “trifulau” the truffle seekers, a mystical world of nocturnal searches for the famous white truffle. The annual Palio of Alba (on donkeys) takes place at the beginning of October. A parody of the Palio of archrival Asti (on horses).


Once the first capital of united Italy, but now the capital of Piedmont and an undiscovered gem. City of Fiat, Juventus and fantastic architecture with beautiful baroque palaces, beautiful squares & arcades and Italy’s most elegant cafes. Here you will still find the spirit of the Savoy dynasty and the Risorgimento.


Capital of Lombardia, Mecca for design & fashion and the city of shopaholics. The most expensive brands are represented here. Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II should be visited as well as the Duomo. And for football lovers, this is of course the Mecca of all the football stadiums in the world, the San Siro.


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A lovely seaside resort, situated on the Ligurian Riviera and the Gulf of Genoa, with surrounding beachside villages. Savona has a ferry connection to Corsica. Important sights are the Brandale and the Leon Pancaldo Tower, the Priamar Palace, the Cathedral from the 17th century and beaches and the sea!

Charming Villages

Nizza Monferrato

The historic city centre consists of beautiful buildings with many arcades, squares etc. Nice little shops for every-ones taste. There are nice restaurants and ice cream parlours of which ‘Mimmo’ is probably the best. In the second weekend of June there is the gastronomic festival “Monferrato in tavola”.


Visit the city of famous wine makers, the charming city of Canelli. Dominated by the big castle. Here you can wander through the small streets with boutique shops and eat in small Italian cafe’s. You will find the major wine houses and their  magnificent ‘cathedrals’ full of wine, which were dug beneath the city hundreds of years ago.

Acqui Terme

One of the oldest thermal spa resorts in Italy; the ancient Romans came here for cures.  In the historical centre with many restaurants stands the “Bollente” (the water that rises continuously here is 78 oC). There are also a number of spas (including Grand Terme Hotel) where you can enjoy the thermal and therapeutic baths.


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La Morra

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Antiques markets

Piemonte is home to some serious antiques markets. Undoubtedly Cherasco and Casale Monferrato are the most famous, but treasures can be found on many other markets too.

Combine an antiques market with a tour of the local town. All of them have beautiful centri storici (historical city centers) worth a visit. Andiamo!